Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"The earth has its music for those who will listen"
George Santayana

And like a Siren's song, that music kissed our ears and we set sail.
The loud sea started out a little stormy but calmed and quieted. Letting the earth's song fill and refresh our souls.
 We decided to head out on an impromptu camping trip in the Uinta mountains. This would actually be the third week in a row we would spend our weekend in this magical place. Those Sirens and their songs, you know. 
We packed our things and headed out early Friday morning. Excited to escape the heat. Just as we passed Morgan, we heard a flapping, clanking noise. Our first panic thought wandered to our kayak (we christened it Aspen Glow). Was she adventuring on the freeway without us? Nope, she was tied, safe and sound. Oh, man it was our tire. A little strip of tire was flapping in the wind. Luckily, we were close to Morgan. We laughed and felt blessed we weren't halfway to the Uinta mountains. We had been putting off getting tires and what better time then now. Unfortunately, Morgan didn't have our tires. So we carefully made our way to Riverdale. They had what we needed, only an hour wait and they had popcorn and soda to pass the time, awesome!
On the road again! It was late in the afternoon, so we decided that maybe we should head up to North Fork to camp instead of the far-off Uinta Mountains. We were right in front of Pineview, laughing about the stressful situation when Evers, from the backseat said, "My tummy hurts." And then proceeded to throw up all her popcorn and soda all over the place. Awesome.
Home again, home again. We headed once again back down the canyon. Holding Everly's throw upy hand and laughing about deja vu. Evers was feeling fine after getting that popcorn out of her system and so we decided to switch car seats (the throw up one is still sitting in the backyard waiting for me to clean it. Yuck!) and headed back up to the mountains. We decided that even though it was now super late we would heed the Siren's call and head all the way back to the Uintas, what did we have to lose?
Definitely worth it! The music was beautiful and refreshing!